Typical Residential Prices

These are prices for a specific property and do not include adjustments for complexity, distance, or rush orders. For the most accurate pricing, please submit a quote request. If you are obtaining a loan, your lender will need to order the appraisal, so please do not order an appraisal for a loan here unless you are the lender; for clarity, the word inspection is related to an appraisal inspection, not a home inspection. The appraisal is not for a home inspector.

Typical turn-around times are:
1-2 weeks
Depending on the type of property and location.

Appraisal Options

FeaturesExterior Only - $450Appraisal Report - $550Extensive Report - $750
Exterior Inspection
Interior Inspection
Market Value
Detailed Analysis
Detailed Narrative

All reports are based on the “As is” Market Value or Fair Market Value of the property as of the effective date (inspection date) unless otherwise requested.

The Exterior-Only report is limited in use and detail. Assumptions will need to be made regarding the interior; if this information is inaccurate, it could affect assignment results. You cannot use this report for anything besides internal decision-making.

If the property is complex, is not located in the coverage area, is a unique property, or is on acreage, please submit a quote request.

Exterior-Only Appraisal Report

This appraisal report consists of an exterior inspection performed from a street level. Photographs are taken from the street, yard, and/or alley (whichever areas are accessible to the public). This report does not include an interior inspection, interior photographs, home measurements, improvements measurements, or a sketch of the house (unless available from county records). This type of report relies on a combination of data available from public sources such as county records, MLS, and any information provided by the client such as interior photographs, previous appraisal reports, a list of things that have been updated or remodeled, dates that components were replaced such as HVAC systems. These items are not functional or dated and need repairs/replacement, bedroom/bathroom count, total living area, basement finish, etc. This appraisal report is prepared under the extraordinary assumption that all data available from public records and the information provided by the client is accurate and reliable.

Residential Appraisal Report

This is a more simplified version of the Comprehensive Appraisal Report. This report is very similar in format and content to the Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac appraisal form required by lenders (URAR 1004) for refinancing or purchase transactions. Please note that this appraisal report is not prepared for lending purposes and will not be accepted by most lenders to secure a purchase, PMI removal, or refinance loan; especially if they are required to use their internal appraisal department or an external appraisal management company as part of the appraisal request process.

Rush Delivery

Rush Delivery varies based on availability, but generally $250-$500 to move to the next available delivery spot.