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Appraisals for real property are needed for a variety of reasons.

To purchase, sale, refinance, estate, divorce, financial planning/trusts, PMI removal, bankruptcy, pre-foreclosure/short sales, pre-listing, pre-purchase, FSBO, property tax dispute, mass appraisal and etc.

With any of these situations an appraisal is needed from a licensed or certified appraiser in your state. Simply contact us and fill out an appraisal request form or talk with us to determine exactly what you need.

Don’t waste your time with hasty lab work, HomeLab will give you valuations that count.

We focus on the facts

It is important you find someone who can give you a professional report, backed by sound appraisal principles, which HomeLab can offer. This is not something you search around for the lowest price on, it can cost you much more in the long run if you end up with a report that is inaccurate or not credible. Don’t take that risk.

Don’t get duped by others, we have what you need

Most appraisers are independent contractors, meaning they work for themselves and must secure work from other entities, nothing is guaranteed. Some appraisers in this situation may take assignments for low pay because they don’t have enough work. There is nothing wrong with this unless they are not well equipped for the particular assignment. Be sure to ask questions to ensure the appraiser you are hiring is familiar with the area your property is located in, has done work there in the past or is taking steps to become knowledgeable.

Our Services

Residential property appraisals including Fannie/Freddie standard forms

There is no single standard appraisal report form, format, or style. However, for residential mortgage lending, Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC), which are Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) that purchase mortgages on the secondary market, have developed residential appraisal report forms that are commonly used to communicate the appraisal of properties used as collateraL.Regardless of the type of appraisal report used, all appraisal reports must contain sufficient information to enable the intended users to understand the report properly.

Land Appraisals

Land appraisals are an essential part of the real estate due diligence process for high-value parcels of vacant land. As most land buyers do not understand how to value land, HomeLab can help give you an idea of how much a property is worth and how much should be paid for it.

Appraisal Services

This is not a complete list; if you need an appraisal or consulting for another purpose not mentioned. Please submit a quote request.

Bankruptcy Appraisal

During bankruptcy, establishing market values of assets, including property, is essential. This can be necessary to determine which type of bankruptcy can be applied.

Condemnation Appraisal

Eminent domain gives the government the right to “condemn” property, forcing the owner to sell it for public use. However, the property owner has a constitutional right to “just” compensation—a “fair and reasonable” payment in exchange for the property. But what’s considered “fair and reasonable”? That’s where we come in.

A professional appraisal (performed under Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, or USPAP standards) is the most substantial evidence of your property value—the “just” compensation you’re entitled to.

HomeLab Appraisals can help governments determine “just” compensation in eminent domain cases. A USPAP-compliant appraisal is the best way to determine the market value of any property, ensuring a “fair and reasonable” price for both parties.


Divorce can be a difficult time for all parties involved. One side may offer to buy out the other, or both parties might agree to sell the property and split the proceeds. Either way, an objective appraisal can be ordered to determine the property’s fair market value. This is necessary so that both parties can move forward knowing that their property has been evaluated unbiasedly and a credible opinion of value has been developed.

Estate/Date of Death

Estate tax liability. Disposition of assets under a will or in probate. There are many situations — none of them lacking stress and complexity — where you might need an appraisal of property that states an opinion of what the property was worth on a date some time ago rather than when the appraisal is ordered. For estate tax purposes or disposition of a decedent’s assets, a “date of death” valuation is often required. (Sometimes, the estate executor may choose to have the date be six months after the date of death — but the same principles apply.)

Attorneys, accountants, executors, and others rely on HomeLab Appraisals for “date of death” valuations because such appraisals require particular expertise and training. They need a firm that’s been in the area for some time and can effectively research comparable contemporaneous sales. Real property isn’t like publicly traded stock or other items which don’t fluctuate in value very much or for which historical public data is available. It would help if you had a professional real estate appraiser, bound by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), for a high degree of confidentiality and professionalism. You also need the kind of quality report and work product taxing authorities and courts need and expect.

PMI Removal

Most lenders require private mortgage insurance for less than 80% loan value. It can be a significant monthly fee ($40-$50 per $100,000). When you achieve 20% equity, it can be removed by proving this to your lender. Your lender is required to drop your PMI payments (see a link to Homeowners Protection Act).

Pre-Foreclosure/Short Sale/Asset Valuation

Appraisals for fair market value are needed for various circumstances, including pre-foreclosure, short sales, or asset valuation.

Pre-Listing, Pre-Purchase, For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Appraisals

Homeowners are often unsure of what their property is worth. Most listing agents are good at what they do but are not appraisers and use different pricing methodology. Websites and online resources can also give you an idea, but it may not always be accurate, especially if your house is unique. These websites sometimes overlook locational factors, remodeling, additions, and other amenities. An expert appraiser understands how to take all of these things into account. A local appraisal expert who understands your current market can help determine a correct list price for your home. This can also establish a reasonable expectation for what the house might appraise for once it is under contract. Sometimes you may receive offers above the list price, but if they are not cash offers, and if the warranty does not specify that the “appraisal gap” would be covered, it comes down to what the home appraises for. You may be forced to take less if it does not appraise for the contract price. If you had this information beforehand, you might make a different decision when determining which offer to accept or if an appraisal gap clause needs to go in the contract. Remember, the side with more credible information tends to win negotiations.

Replacement Cost/Insurance Appraisals

These types of appraisals are common for insurance companies, HOA’s, lenders, or owners who need to establish a value for a property that has been damaged or destroyed. This could be due to fire, flood, or some other catastrophe. A value as of a given date must be established. From an owner’s standpoint, they may wish to seek their appraisal if they feel the value importance being given to them is inaccurate.

Commercial Appraisals

Not yet available but will be soon; currently completing coursework towards the necessary license.

And, we do many other appraisals services. For more information regarding those services, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes HomeLab unique from other appraisal services/businesses?

HomeLab provides more of a focus on statistical analysis, and can also provide AVM’s (automated valuation models). There is extensive experience in the public sector completing mass appraisal work (think valuations for counties for tax purposes) which gives insight into that process and a unique ability to handle large amounts of data and to extract relevant information.

What locations do you serve?

Colorado mainly, but we are licensed in Kansas as well and are available for more complex assignments. Looking forward to expanding in the near future.

Who do you work with? Can I hire you?

Anyone with a need to know a property value as of a given date. This may include homeowners, borrowers, lenders, attorneys, real estate agents, bail bondsman, and more. Appraisers are credentialed by the state and require testing and continuing education to ensure they are up to date on all issues of property appraisal. This ensures an accurate valuation based on proper appraisal methodology. This means appraisers are taking into account many factors other parties may not think of or be able to properly analyze.