HomeLab is a real property valuation company. Think land, homes, and buildings… not equipment or jewelry.

We follow USPAP guidelines while providing values well supported by in-depth analysis and educated conclusions.

We approach valuation with a scientific lens and lab coats.

Okay, maybe we don’t wear lab coats but we do provide quality appraisals backed by statistical analysis and proper appraisal methodology.
More facts than opinions

We strive to get away from the old style of appraisals where many assumptions were made that were not backed by actual statistical analysis. Appraisal judgment is always involved, but as many of the adjustments as possible should be backed up by data derived from the market.

First-class interactions

You must find someone who can give you a professional report backed by sound appraisal principles, which HomeLab can offer. Accurate results are important. This is not something you search around for the lowest price on because it will cost you much more in the long run if you end up with a report that is inaccurate or not credible. Don’t take that risk. We provide high-quality interactions that will put your mind at ease.

High quality = High quality

Let’s be honest…Most appraisers are independent contractors, which means they work for themselves and must secure a large amount of work to make a profit. Thus, quality is NOT guaranteed. At HomeLab, we deliver quality work that matches our prices. We’re open and honest about if we’re familiar with your property’s area and if we’ve done work there in the past. Choose HomeLab for the quality to match the quantity.

We’re a lab that does it all. Our services fit your needs.

Here are some of the services we provide.

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